Wooden Swings Cots & Chairs

We make wooden Kids cots, Baby cribes, Swing cot, swing crib , Wooden cot, wooden swing cot, pine wood legs finish.
wooden swing

Antique Wooden Pillars

Very Rare Wooden carved antique pillar candle stand | Hand Carved teak wood Decorative candle stand with old Rustic colors and Rich patina.
wooden pillars in karaikudi

Wooden Furnitures

Chettinad Unique Furniture is at your service for last 10 plus years. We make wooden furniture as per your requirement and design at reasonable prices.
rocking chair sale in karaikudi

Rose Wood

Rosewood is durable when dried properly. It comes with white chalky deposits that may dull tools and present problems with finishing.

Color: Pink to reddish brown heartwood, sapwood is creamy to pink.

Burma Teak Wood

Furniture made out of teak wood has an attractive looking straight grain pattern. Aesthetic appeal, durable and resistant to rot and decay.

Color: Deep yellow to
dark brown

Vengai Wood

Vengai is a dense hardwood with yellow-brownish in color and can contain a "Gold" fleck that runs through the grain, considered to be attractive by some.

Color: yellow-brownish

Kongu Wood

Kongu wood is one of the most popular types of wood in the timber market. Kongu wood is available only from south India and it is used widely by construction and other purposes.

Color: many colors

Pincoda Wood

Pincoda mainly brought in from Myanmar. It is in fact found predominantly in evergreen and deciduous forests.

Color:unvarying reddish brown colour

karimaruthu Wood

Laurel(Karimaruthu) Indian Country Wood, Use it to make doors & Frames, Windows & Frames, Dining tables, chairs, beds etc.

Color: Brown